Agreeing with the fact that schools do not kill creativity. I see creativity enablers all that time! I also like the practice of taking 5-10 education leaders and working with them to make changes in the education landscape.


What if the cake is a lie? to use the joke in Portal. I looked at a Twitter analytic and put in various names that appear on the ‘top’ educator lists. Let me qualify that by saying, the ones who actually have a Twitter account. Many don’t, despite their commentary on the power of social media and connectedness, a platform they use to criticise and lament the state of education. It is clear from this little query that almost all of those who Tweet have less than 5% return conversations with the mortals.

As was pointed out to me, the good thing about being a Thought Leader is that you don’t need to exhibit much activity to qualify – @iusher (UK). So why do we pay these people any attention. Few actually teach, even less help anyone outside their immediate job requirement or without fee. What makes them rank so…

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