4 Ways to Transform Your School Culture

4 Ways to Transform Your School Culture.

Making this statement my mantra for this school year: “Rolling my sleeves up and getting down and dirty because I’m committed and passionate about creating cultures of innovation that are going to enable our students to think critically, to be creative and to be globally educated, because the ultimate goal is for them to be successful once they leave the building.”

In transforming the culture in my district I had the opportunity to get a pilot BYOD started in my district with two amazing teachers and a very supportive principal. I am Looking forward to sharing what we discover and how we go about implementing BYOD.  So far we’ve had the opportunity to discuss the possibilities that a BYOD implementation could allow as well as gathering some resources and sharing experiences.  We have decided to start by discussing with parents at Parent/Teacher conferences how they feel and what devices their child could bring as well as other talking points during that conference time.   The next step is a letter to parents addressing any fears they may have as well as setting policies in place.  Hopefully we will be ready for students to bring their own devices by late November or early December.

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