KAL-Tech — Kansas Academy for Leadership – Technology

KAL-Tech — Kansas Academy for Leadership – Technology.

My career choice couldn’t be more fulfilling than it has been the past couple of years.  Education and the education industry is is at a breaking point, something has to give and I think it’s going to be phenomenal when that happens.  I’m ready!  I’ve been doing everything I can to keep up with the changes in our world and those who are doing the same are going to be the people who survive the devastation.  Education has been the scape goat for many of our social ills and those assumptions that our education system is a waist of time and doesn’t deliver on promises made are about to be blown out of the water!  Kal-Tech 2.0 is a catalyst in the process of education reform and I’m honored to be a part of this movement.   Kal-Tech 1.0 happened over 10 years ago and since then there have been many districts, buildings and individual classrooms that embraced the concepts taught in Kal-Tech 1.0.  Those early adopters of technology, project based learning, teaching to strengths and questioning assumptions have the proof that it works!  We may not be able to see the future, but that isn’t stopping us from teaching for the future with the tools we have now!