Bring in the Electronics System Integrator Early in your Design Project

We’ve all experienced the power strip trip hazard, the surround-sound system buzz, or the cord nightmare that happens when new technologies are installed without considering how the space will be utilized.  As an interior decorator/technology junky I expect my spaces to reflect a calm, zen feeling so I want to make sure my technology doesn’t distract from the peacfulness of those spaces.  Today’s Internet-rich environment brings many design challenges when remodeling or building a new space.  Interior Designers and Architects who partner with an electronics system integrator provide their clients with technology solutions that integrate beautifully in those new space. Working with Cablecom to seamlessly integrate all the features that the tech junky in me feels is necessary gave me the expetise and knowledge to design spaces that are tech rich and attractive.  Next time you are considering updating or remodeling your space contact the experts at Cablecom and see what their solutions can do to help you realize your dreams.