Being a Luxury Item

“You’re a luxury we can’t afford.” How many times have school systems had to make decisions like that. Gym and recess? Sorry, a luxury we can’t afford. Art and Music? Sorry, luxuries we can’t afford. Computer support and technology integration? Another luxury we can’t afford?

I make a difference. I help teachers integrate technology and promote deep learning.  I help schools and districts run more efficiently and teachers teach more effectively. I make learning fun, for both teachers and students.

I’m not a luxury.  In these times when we are struggling to advance student learning, juggling tight budgets, raising test scores and bridging inequities, what I do is a necessity.  And I do it well.

Education is my passion.  Helping people learn new ways of doing things is my passion. I love Social Media and the potential it offers.  I love to travel. I love meeting new people.  I love helping people change., and I’m looking for an opportunity to make a difference.  If you know an open position that needs me, please send any opportunities my way.


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