Are You Looking For Potential?

Being passionate about learning, I’m always looking for ways to make myself better.  Don’t get me wrong, I like who I am, it’s just I have always been a learner.  I want to know how it’s done.  I want to know what to do if it doesn’t work.  I want to know how to fix it.  That’s why I got into technology.  There’s always something broken, not working right or the updates that were automatically sent out left the application in a state where it just won’t work.  Those issues with technology can and often do leave the technology troubleshooter looking like he/she is incompetent, and to technophobes that exactly what they think.  I know, I’ve experienced it first hand.

I’ve been reading the book What Works With Women at Work by Williams & Dempsey.  One of the subtitles is named “Men Are Judged on Their Potential; Women Are Judged on Their Achievements” and I’ve found it to be painfully true.  Like I said earlier, I love to learn.  Technology is the ideal field for someone like me because it’s constantly changing, there’s always something new to figure out.  Education Technology is a great blend of both my passions.  That being said, I don’t know everything about technology and the systems that run the hardware.  Those who don’t understand technology and are in a position of leadership need to understand that.  Troubleshooting takes time.  Learning new systems takes time.

There are many women out there who are just as capable as men.  Women have just as much potential as men.  As a leader are you looking for the potential in your staff?  Or, do you treat some with the mind-set that they just got lucky and they need to prove it again and again?

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