Moving Up

HAPPY MONDAY and the Adventure continues!
Being an agent of change/innovation is a characteristic I’ve embraced!  I’m leveraging my personal and professional network to help in searching for the perfect fit.  After two exciting years at Hickman Mills and a much deserved vacation I’m ready for my next adventure.
KAY3.0: My leadership profile – Self-Motivated, transparent communicator with strong listening skills who leverages empathy and consideration to build team collaboration, motivate staff, cultivate consensus and drive innovation.  Flexible enough to pivot between the big picture and guiding through the details. Strengths: Curiosity, Problem Solving, Integrity, Purpose, Self-Motivation, Innovation.
 LOOKING FORWARD: If you know of something that would be a good fit for me and my talents please fill out this form MOVING UP. I love living in Kansas City and prefer to stay, but I’m open to other big cities if it’s a great fit!  I also love to travel and am open to a position that requires travel.
THANK YOU to Hickman Mills and all the awesome educators I had the honor to work with! I believe that your dedication and love for your students will result in their success! Have a great 2016-17 school year!!!