Being Amazing -Fostering Innovation

It’s been over 20 years since technology made it’s way into my classroom and my life.  The promise was that technology brought the world to my students, made my job as a teacher better, and allowed for preparing my students for their future.    By the year 202o IT jobs will grow 22%, what is the education industry doing to prepare our students for their future?

Teachers are doing better at getting their students ready for state and national high-stakes tests.  Administrators are getting better at collecting and reading data from those tests while holding teachers accountable for results. State departments of education are getting better at reporting data collected from those tests and student information systems. Families are getting better at evaluating communities using the data states report. Being good at school, knowing how to ace tests, and working with specific narrow perimeters is not future ready.  Compliance, conformity, and focusing on test results are all innovation killers.

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a nation to create an education industry that leads in innovation.  We have the tools, the data, the research and the people to make our schools the kind of place where students are knocking down the doors to get in. Where classrooms, buildings and districts provide the inspiration our future needs. Where curiosity is sparked, fanned and flamed into empowerment. In some cases technology is used for creating, programing and innovating and that should be the norm. The data use in an innovative classroom measures how individuals learn, their talents, interests and how they use their skills to improve their abilities. Research has shown that when technology is integrated on a deep level and teachers are expected to be innovative the culture of that school changes to a collaborative, strengths-based environment.  Students discover their love of learning, passions are fostered and talents are unleashed. Change is an opportunity to do something amazing – Be amazing. Our future depends on it!

This post is in collaboration with #IMMOOC ~George Couros “The Innovator’s Mindset”


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