Pivot; Plot Twist

It’s been three years since my last post. A lot has happened. To make a long story short, well, sort-of…

After 25+ years in education I left. Spent a year doing freelance work and soul searching. In that time I discovered I still love education. I love creativity, fostering talents with passions and innovative experiences . The education industry just was not giving me the experiences I was craving.

Today I’m an Interior Designer and enjoying the opportunities to create. I help people create rooms they love to enter. Rooms they love to show off. Rooms they love to live in.

There is so much more and I’ll share what I’m doing on this site:-) Please join me as I share what I learn, create and discover…

Published by kaytibbs

She is the Interior Designer in the Kansas City Metro Area. She uses her expertise in technology and her talent in space planning, color coordination and knowledge of furniture to develop interior design plans that her clients absolutely love! Kay's focus is on creating casual, comfortable and classic rooms. Kay and Co KC - where art and interior design unite! Kay was in education between 1985 and 2015. A classroom teacher for 20 years, Kay has taught 1st through 5th grades, was an early adopter of mobile technologies and constantly looking for ways to improve the classroom setting. In 2005 Kay left public education to be the Education Director for the Challenger Learning Center of Kansas. There she discovered the power of project based learning and using a simulations to foster 21st century learning experiences. She also has been a Director of Technology for districts from rural to suburban to metro areas. Utilizing all those rich experiences, Kay can help you transform your space to reflect your personality and be a place you want to call home.

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