“Kay Tibbs – an energetic, self-motivated, visionary who feeds her audience with exactly what they need to be successful with the material and tools when they leave.” ~Conference Participant

Welcome to my site!  Thanks for visiting.

I am a change agent/innovator and an advocate for preparing people for their future.  My mission is to create a symphony of discovery, a bouquet of collaboration and a passion for learning.  My goals are:

To bridge the gap between the digital natives and digital immigrants.

Create an environment where people thrive and their strengths are developed.

Lead change with integrity, trustworthiness, and consideration for organizations and their people.

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My qualifications are:

  • Master’s Degree in Education with expertise in Instructional Design, Instructional Technology and Change Management
  • 12 years of school district leadership experience
  • Strategic Planning with proven ability to motivate others around a shared vision
  • Deep understanding of how to integrate cutting edge technology in learning/working environments
  • Ability to manage competing tasks, deadlines, requirements and decisions while working independently or with a team
  • Excellent ability to identify and understand the needs, feelings, and reactions of others. This allows for adapting/adjusting interaction styles in a manner that facilitates communication, understanding, and consensus building
  • Technical understanding of infrastructure, networks, filtering and mobile device management
  • Well developed expertise in innovative teaching practices
  • Ability to clearly communicate and inspire others to power learning with digital technology
  • Strengths: Creative, self-motivated, innovative, ambitious, curious, problem-solver, integrity
  • Ready and eager to take a leadership role and empower others to realize their talents, skills and passions
  • High emotional intelligence
  • A positive “can-do, will-do”, “yes-and” spirit and passion for learning

Kay has been in public education since 1985.  As a classroom teacher for 20 years, Kay taught 1st through 5th grades, was an early adopter of mobile technologies and continues to be a strong advocate of utilizing mobile tools in education.  In 2005 Kay left public education to be the Education Director for the Challenger Learning Center of Kansas.  There she discovered the power of project based learning and using simulations to foster 21st century learning experiences. In the past 12 years she has been developing her expertise as a Director of Technology and fostering innovation through strategically planned, level-headed, responsible leadership roles.

As a Dynamic Assertive leader I am a great change agent, I can actualize the role as a leader by framing realistic goals, realize centralization or decentralization works, and be a designer of new processes to help your organization.  I am a nonconformist, conceptually creative, and process orientated. Dynamic Assertive leaders, such as myself, are attractive to others due to our generous, friendly, and hospitable personalities. ~From the book Finding Your Leadership Style: A Guide for Educators By Jeffrey Glanz

Recently: June 2014 – June 2106: Racial Equity, 1:1 iPads, Strategic Planning, Apple/ConnectEd grant, Digital transformation, wireless infrastructure and

Past Presentations:

5/7/14 – Haysville USD 261: Navigating the Digital World: Social Media

01/23/14 – USA: Rethinking Professional Development using Social Media

12/7/13 – KASB: Navigating the Digital World

10/10/13 – AdvanceED: Navigating the Digital World

07/13/13 – Podstock: Share the Power of Social Media

09/20-21/12 – Tech-celence Conference (Alliance, NE) Empowering Students in a 1:1 Learning Environment & iPads: Changing the Face of Education

08/20/12 – Clifton-Clyde USD 224 Inservice: Social Media in the Classroom

06/7-8/12 – iConnect-iLearn

05/30-31/12 – Deconstructing the Common Core

05/22/2012 – Common Core: Train the Trainer

03/26-27/12 – NETA conference: Google Forms

03/04/12 – MACE conference: Cell Phones R 4 More Than Texting

03/21-23/12 – New Leaf in Learning Conference: Gadgets in the Classroom

04/26-27-12 – NETA: Google Forms; More than Just Multiple Choice

06/04/12 – KEEP: Qr codes in the classroom

07/07-08/12 – School Improvement Innovation Summit: Anywhere Anytime Personalized Learning

08/20/12 – Clifton-Clyde School District In-Service: Social Media, Communication & Staff Development

09/19-20/12 – “Tech”cellence Expo 2012 – Empowering Students in a 1:1 Learning Environment & iPads: Changing The Face of Education

10/18/12 – Valley Center In-Service: Google Apps for Education

11/15/12 – Valley Center MDP Conference: Management, Deployment, Policy Conference focusing on 1:1 initiatives and what it takes from an IT perspective to support mobile devices and BYOD technologies.


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