Classic Comfort

Comfortable furniture is the key to creating a space that can be lived in daily. It’s said the being in an appropriately designed place makes it much more likely you’ll be happy. This room was designed with the home owner in mind. The definition of an appropriately designed space is unique to each person. TheContinue reading “Classic Comfort”

Utilizing my Strengths and Talents

After taking the strengths finder a couple of weeks ago I got to know my strengths and talents. Knowing these has helped me understand why I do some of the things I do and why I see the world in my unique way. I discovered my top five talents are futuristic, Individualizer, empathizer, achiever andContinue reading “Utilizing my Strengths and Talents”

Art as Inspiration

“I’ve always loved blue and white. It doesn’t matter what year, what age, where you are. Blue and white has a beauty. It makes you dream.” ~Ralph Lauren. Color speaks as it can soothed calm or create tension and energy. A favorite starting point in designing rooms is art. A beloved painting, photograph or sculptureContinue reading “Art as Inspiration”