Classic Comfort

Comfortable furniture is the key to creating a space that can be lived in daily. It’s said the being in an appropriately designed place makes it much more likely you’ll be happy. This room was designed with the home owner in mind. The definition of an appropriately designed space is unique to each person. The homeowners are adventurers who’s design style is modern openness and they wanted to keep it simple. The challenge in this space was the actual space. It was small. We made the sectional in a light color and the rounded bumper lets them maximize seating without closing off the space. The balance of warm and cool colors makes the space welcoming and comfortable. This room definitely nailed the Classic Comfort look!

Utilizing my Strengths and Talents

After taking the strengths finder a couple of weeks ago I got to know my strengths and talents. Knowing these has helped me understand why I do some of the things I do and why I see the world in my unique way. I discovered my top five talents are futuristic, Individualizer, empathizer, achiever and maximizer. I developed a paragraph that describes who I am and what I do:

Always looking forward to what the future can be, I custom design plans so that it reflects my customers unique lifestyle and is individualized for their space. I can see through my client’s eyes where they want their space to be. As an achiever I have a strong drive to see their project to completion and maximize their design plan for an excellent space in which they are comfortable.

I’m going to use my strengths and talents to guide me as I continue to develop my Interior design and art career as well as build my web site. Please know that this is a work in progress and that it will change.

Art as Inspiration

“I’ve always loved blue and white. It doesn’t matter what year, what age, where you are. Blue and white has a beauty. It makes you dream.” ~Ralph Lauren.

Color speaks as it can soothed calm or create tension and energy. A favorite starting point in designing rooms is art. A beloved painting, photograph or sculpture is a great way to provide inspiration for your room design. The colors from your art set the mood and message you want to convey. Complementary color schemes (pairing color on the opposite side of the color wheel) like blue and orange (coppery wood & leather) are the basis for this room. We live in blue jeans white T’s and copper leather jackets. That color palette translates beautifully from fashion to interior design. When blue, calm and soothing, and white, clean and simple, are combined we get the ultimate, serene, tranquil space with just touch of copper that provides the right amount of energy.

Pivot; Plot Twist

It’s been three years since my last post. A lot has happened. To make a long story short, well, sort-of…

After 25+ years in education I left. Spent a year doing freelance work and soul searching. In that time I discovered I still love education. I love creativity, fostering talents with passions and innovative experiences . The education industry just was not giving me the experiences I was craving.

Today I’m an Interior Designer and enjoying the opportunities to create. I help people create rooms they love to enter. Rooms they love to show off. Rooms they love to live in.

There is so much more and I’ll share what I’m doing on this site:-) Please join me as I share what I learn, create and discover…