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Reflections of a Visual Culture: Getting the Story Straight! Other people are telling our story and they’re telling it wrong!  We have the power, tools, and proof that what we do in our classrooms is awesome! We need to create a digital story that proves we’ve got what it takes to educate, empower and evince! Be ready to have fun! Here is an example of what can be created to “Tell Your Story” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1xJFmnC7Fs   USA Conference Presentation Jan 2014

Rethinking Professional Development with Social Media!  Build your PLN! Social Media gets a lot of bad press, but the reality is it’s a great tool for communication and collaboration.  Explore several social media tools and discover how to make them work for your own professional development as well as your staff.  If you don’t already, get yourself signed up for at least one account in these social media tools: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or LinkedIn.

The Maker’s Mind: Create a Culture of Creativity  (The Educator as a Maker Educator & Design Thinking)

There is something magical about the Maker Education Pedagogy.  Utilizing the Maker Education Pedagogy we’ll develop hands-on, whole learner activities.  Design instructional experiences where all learners are doing something and, although it may look like chaos, the reality is it’s an extremely well organized learning environment.  Students in Maker Education classrooms developing their creativity, resourcefulness, planning activities, curiosity while discovering their passions and talents.  That’s what transformational education is all about and with the growth mindset we’ll make it happen.

The Intelligent Classroom: PBL & STEAM

Project Based Learning in combination with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are transforming the classroom culture in schools world wide.  How can you get started? How you can enhance what you are already doing and take your classroom to the next level of learning?  We’ll discover what it takes to make a successful PBL classroom, include STEAM and continue addressing those pesky benchmarks and standards.


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